Cycling in the City

Ciclismo en la ciudad

Ciclismo en la ciudad

Cycling in the City — A bicycle is quite suitable for visiting Vecriga (Old Riga); you can easily ride from one historical area to another. There are places by the Rātslaukums (City Hall Square) where you can lock up your bicycle while you enjoy the House of Blackheads, St. Peter’s Church and other architectural gems.


With the various bike paths found throughout Riga, tourists can explore other parts of the Latvian capital, such Maskavas forstate (Moscow Suburb) – called that, because Russians have lived in that section (going back centuries). Also, because its main road led drivers to Moscow, Russia itself. Another bike path goes from the city center to the local zoo.


A self-service bike rental outfit, Sixt Latvia, exists for such bicycling tourists. That service charges €1 for a 30-minute bike ride, and €9 for a 24-hour period. See Sixt Latvia’s website for details on this service: